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  1. Decrease the overall rates of server (drop/spoil/adena). Not by much, but by some amount to increase the servers longevity. Last server you've launched (Lionna) was one of the best seasons you've had yet, go by that example and you should make an even better season this time. The one big and only problem I see with your servers is that they die too fast. Why? Because rates are too high, when people get max equip and cannot progress further - they get bored and leave. (solution to that - 1st line of my post) Now to have a season as successful as Lionna you'll need atleast 3 big sides (clans) to keep the servers Mass PvPs alive and going which will attract more players. Other than that server is fine as it is, all this BS about changing zones,events,etc. is not needed. TL;DR the only solution to a better server is making it harder, changing zones,events,etc. won't help. people get bored when they get max gear in 1 week. that's the problem Hope you manage to attract the same amount of big clans as was last Lionna, one of the best seasons yet.