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  1. L2 RAVANGE El Mejor

    www.lineage2ravage.comServidor online hace 20 dias. // 20 days live serverTrae tu clan y obtene lvl 7 automatico + clan skills. // bring your guild and get free lvl 7 clan + skillsSi venis solo tambien tienes recompensa, Premium account de 2 dias para todos los nuevos usuarios que se unan a esta aventura //2 days premium account for your character.Los sabados y domingo son de doble rate xp/sp/adena. // x2 xp/sp/adena on weekendsQue esperas para sumarte ? // what are you waiting?informacion del server // server infoServer rates Experience (EXP): 15xSkill Points (SP): 15xAdena: 7xDrop the Items: 9xSpoil: 9xRecs: 1xKeys: 3xQuest Experience (EXP): 1xQuest Skill Points (SP): 1xQuest Adena: 1xQuest Drop Items: 1xWeight Limit: 5xManor: 3xExtract Fish: 3xServer time: UTC - 3 (Buenos Aires)Duration of Buffs, Dances and Songs: 2 hoursMaximum Slots of Buffs 24 + 4 (Divine)Maximum Slots of Dances and Songs : 12Maximum of Clients per PC: 4 + 2 OfflineOlympiads Max. Enchant : 6Anti-Bot System ( Smartguard ) Geodata and Pathnodes: Automatic awards: Auction house: Maximum number of epic chars: 1 per PC Territory WarTW frequency: 7 daysDuration of the siege: 2 hoursSiege Schedule: 17 to 19 GMT-3Day of the Siege: Every Saturday.Max wards: 4 per clan.They restart at the beginning of each TW and return to their respective castles.Fortress SiegeWaiting time : 1 hourDuration of the siege: 1 hourFame to dead chars: NOChars by PC in fort zone: Max 3Custom Reward per pc: Only 1 char.Reward: To be defined (GC or GCM possibly or an extra amount of fame) Los esperamos!! // see you in game!