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  1. try today we contact to hopzone they have some problem on their platform many other servers have same situation with us they answered us "we working on it" so try it in most countries work like mine , inform us with any new.
  2. all classes are good but i would recomend you a mage like sph or necro that is good on pvp and farm.Fighter class like gk/glady/db is very good at both. Daggers are good too but need much gear. Now other classes like archers you farm easy with them on big spots with party so i wouldnt recomment you.Titans too very good on farm but they need much gear.So stick with the first chars that i told you.
  3. skype:l2drugs add us there when u see them so we go and ban them
  4. more than 40 characters got banned today not just jail
  5. will check we making many bot hunts
  6. buff resist shock is very powerful on our platform and nerfing alot the stun attacks even if i boost your skills success on warlord it will destroy the olympiad bcoz there ppl dont have resist shock buff, and trust me your stuns are MASS SKILLS on mass pvp your class is important u have 1 sec delay or less on skills and u spam all the time stuns u will success it to some ppl.But server have other platforms like olympiad and we have to respect the players that play olympiad so it will stay like that.
  7. 1.no because its a mid-craft-pvp server and will make too complicated the game for players who are used at this for many years. 2.Highfive miss long-term items that u need to farm for long time to make and olf is one of them but many people doesnt like it.Classic client for example have many stat items like olf that u need many time month+ to farm them but in the end its what most ppl want so this server its a NO for the olf.Also we were the first server that remove this custom item from h5. 3.why to make dwarfs even less usefull? 4.I dont understand what you mean please explain it better. 5.We have added as protection usually on opening we have it until 40lvl because many spammers writing msges for other servers,item selling and even BAN IP/HWID we are on 2018 these guys doing it as job so they have softwares that changing ip/hwid and looking like new players and making new char and over again spam. 6.This is add only after 2 weeks + of server opening even 3 weeks actually.People will have already +30 skills since events every 1h. Deathmatch and much events give very big rewards.
  8. daily raids what do u mean? show me photo:)
  9. ШТО ЭТО

    i will report it to dev
  10. wtf with oly

    hello, in beta observation of matches doesnt show sometimes this caused because we have set automatic hero and (automatic noblesse) to players when they create chars and olympiad doesnt recognise them sometimes because its not made how suppose to be. But this is a beta server. On live server will not be automatic hero and automatic noblesse when u create a char:D