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    If anyone wants to join ygg, you are making a huge mistake, i could tell. This clan is full of randoms and ppl who leech items from clan, average online is 15 ppl and 10 of them are just farming or sitting in ch, thats it. Unfortunately, i thought this clan was good, and i joined it, however, i got frustrated when i was the only one fighting for spots etc, and i got pmed by my cl miss puzzle, who said that i should stop fighting for spot cuz ppl i kill are boxes from ToS clan (TheOtherSide), and they will start hunting members of yggdrasil with their CPs and pk them on spots, i told her that its not my problem that ppl from clan cant protect theirselves, and the end of our discussion i left the clan, and got those funny messages. Basically, this cl says that she is against botting, but when 1 of her CP members botting - its fine, she hates when we dont have enough ppl for epics or tw/siege, but when she dont want ppl to fight for spots to get decent gear, its fine. I hope everyone who was thinking/considering about joining this clan, will refuse after they read everything here. Enjoy ppl. Peace. Shot00004.bmp Shot00005.bmp Shot00006.bmp