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  1. Trojan in system patch

    probably its detecting for you it as a virus because when you start game gameguard check programs that is on and try detect if it is bot or other program which is not allowed
  2. admins tell us what are the daily raids we are still waiting please respond @Adam @admin @Ryzen
  3. any class with good items are strong here
  4. problem

    hero m.def never worked
  5. Premium status bugged.

    you buy premium to get less
  6. well we still wait admin response to this
  7. he will not tell you it but i bet its like in lionna server they spawn darion at dv
  8. Randoms

    bus bus
  9. Unknown Clan

    Chivas if i will have time to play normally i will make mage cp
  10. Unknown Clan

    oh rly djotef