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  1. Yggdrasil

    D'oh...I thought Dancewithme was a box
  2. oly obt

    I wish someone feeds me. Most of all, with pizza.
  3. lf cp

    Nisroc, aren't u joining Revo again?
  4. TheOtherSide

    I'm glad you are back guys, that means there will be good pvp
  5. oly obt

    And enable class base oly, please. Not all of us plays classes that can farm oly points, so maybe you could make some kind of restrictions, like 1 account per ip to participate in olys or some system to not allow making 3983930?9834 boxes to auto get hero. It's a great way to see who is the best in each class, and not just fed. I miss playing base class matches