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  1. Dragon is still there, with his full items on. Gm said he jailed him for 48 hours and deleted his items. Not even a day jail and same gear. Plus today he was using a program on 4 clients. Sws, bd, cardi(sws bd to rez cardi and cardi ally rez). How can i upload the video from the game? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Don't even bother about him, i am sure Gm's know exactly what is going on. This guy was botting with a pt of mages at the beginning, which he did in the last server as well, then he started botting with auto-port, same path and same corner stuck as if he is the god damn jesus of lineage. One night which he was afk on a bot mode, when you were killing it did the same time repeatedly, auto-port same path same spot stuck, the server lagged and his client bugged. That was the first time i saw him in 3 servers not attacking. Plus he got jailed in the last one when he had a wl with him on port. He still does the same, but plays manual when someone is around. Manual only when he attacks, while he moves to the spot he is on auto mode. He is probably the worst type of player who uses a bot or adrenaline or whatever it is called and that's the 3rd server in a row him and his party exist in this server. Crap server or crap Gm's, or even worse they know and they allow it. He was selling 600 ews 4th day of the server and 50k noble stones. Prolly the bot that spams to buy billions for euro it's his.