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  1. Dragon is out of jail and botting again 2 days non stop. Like nothibg happened. I can't understand. I think this guy is selling adena for euros and in order to let him botting gives some mpnye to gms. There is no explanation why they let him free and why gms ignored again all my petitions.
  2. GMS just make fun of us. Probably this player Dragon just donated a few euros in the start of the server to get his gear and start his adrenaline bot faster and now they love him. I just ported there and saw him again with the same vorpal set and his Special Cloak and same pole, same corner... making 4 fake deaths per second. I have no words for this gm team. They can't even do the most simple thing for L2 community. GMS also said they will check log ins trades-shops-delete his items. All of his bots are there.i' watching them live right now. You have done nothing! You just jail him 24 hours! Furthermore he created and lvl up now player name "Naio" "sisterOk" You need more? He was shouting yesterday with yellow letters for recruiting players in his clan. Such a pathetic gm team making fun of us and begging only for Euros. 3 servers in a raw the same thing.
  3. Thank you very much for jailing the biggest adrenaline bot. But i think that this player deserve permanent ban not just jail.
  4. I woke up 30' ago (10' before server restart) and this fucking insane adrenaline bot was at the same corner doing the same thing! DO SOMETHING! CHECK HIS IPS! CHECK TRADES- CHECK SOMETHING STOP BEING PATHETIC!
  5. Just teleport guys at dragon beast circle and target him. He is there right now and he will be till 10:00 in the morning.
  6. I have made around 10 petitions to gms about player "Dragon" explaining to him what you will soon read. He said that he will check everything and give me an answer. Still waiting after 4 days. This player is a Bounty Hunter and bots the last 4 days more than 15 hours every day at circle of lair close to Dragon Beast port. He teleports at Dragon Beast and following the same route every time go to the same corner and with his pole kills whole bridge. After a few minutes because he can't tank Scouts he dies and teleports again really fast. I used to flag him and kill him, trying to farm. If he is in front his pc he logs player name "OK" (soulhound ) and comes to my spot trying to kill me when at the same time his dwarf continue teleporting and farming. I was wondering how can someone selling 400 ews - 50.000 noble stones and a lot of vesper weapons in action , thats how. The shop name is "Kion" but who else can be... only 1 farms at lair circle so many hours. The same player did the same thing and in the previous 2 servers of those gms where i still made more than 10 petitions. Guess what, all ignored by gms. Your job as GMS is not to make only money but also try to keep balance in this game. Nobody cares for a bot at MOS-Varka-Ketra but this is insane. I donate to you in last server but i didn't in this one. For sure i wont play in your server in future. I really don't care if player "Dragon" makes real money. That"s your problem. The only thing that matters to me is that rest players have to compete this insane adrenaline botting player. That is unfair. Do your job, keep balance boost active players...