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  1. Cardinal LF Clan, CP

    MateI will be on line in 1h
  2. 1. Yes 2. No 3. Yes 4. Interesting yes 5. Will be a lot of spam. I believe if you could not pm someone with 9 lvls more would be nice. 6. Just turn this on after 2 weeks would be great
  3. Change something

    Drop and spoil yes ! Auction limit 2 max. But maybe you could clear market every 5/10 days to keep prices fresh and get rid of old shops confusing buyers. I believe buffs are all right at least you need to think what you need not just all in. Pride of kamal, aura of combat, dark weapon could be 2h It will wide up buff market
  4. Suggestion

    It should not be buyable I believe it should have just huge drop and half cost of crafting
  5. Unknown Clan

    Great War is coming !!! Sharp your swords and forge your armours. Who is thirsty of blood !!!
  6. Trojan in system patch

    Told you Karma is a beache. Now she sabotage your server with ugly Trojans what a shame ! I know our friendship didn't start well but I am sure we can be like ....
  7. Ladies and Gentleman left about 3 days to start a great War. I am still looking for players interested in creating something different. Paladin Warlord Berserker Bishop SwordSinger I am not missing anything of does but I really believe I can find more positive players with good attitude and right habits. We are creating front lane and we are going to join all biggest events (tw/epic/siege and all kind of mass PvP) Heavy Cavalry is a part of Unknown clan. If you are into fighting not crying you understand what this game is about give me a shout here on forum. Recruitment will be continued during live server. Otherwise see you on the battlefield !!!

    I am not surprised I enjoyed it badly 😋
  9. QF szuka graczy

    Mamy polska ekipe I szukamy graczy. Nie oczekuje no lifu ani bezgranicznego poswiecenia. Poprostu fajnie sie gra z innymi majac jakies cele Dolaczylibyscie do jednego z wiekszych klanow gdzie brali byscie udzial w zajebistych mass PvP jak na standardy dzisiejszego L2. Szukam ludzi do front CP bez spiny I placzu warlords/berserker/Paladin/sws/bishop 18 + jesli uwazacie ze robicie wielka laske dolaczajac gdzie kolwiek prosze kontaktowac sie z redakcja "Przyjaciolki" moze wam pomoga. Tak serio to powodzenia I zastanowcie sie czy nie warto spiac lekko poslady I sie dobrze ponapierdalac. Z powazaniem Siwy
  10. I hope they will lower it instead of rising it up to 5. I really believe should be max 2
  11. Mate I will catch with you in Thursday.
  12. Hey mate I wish you good luck and I am sure you will have great fun. You need to answer yourselve: A) how many hours per week you can play ? 5h -30 h ? B) you are looking for PvP or mass PvP ? C) do you have any budget ? (Donation) D) any preferred role ? Support/range or melee E) solo player ? Clan or CP

    Thanks for letting me know. You are silly little mouse. My nick in game will MethelenaIsAMouse

    Was fun to mock you