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  1. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/313410851?t=00h09m24s
  2. Rune Siege 1% of fun

  3. Cardinal LF Clan, CP

    dayum, i'm kinda shocked as your english grammar is on fire, where are you from? i wish i was gay, would love to suck you off. Just kidding, i am gay. Okay, lets get to the point... Well i am #1 necro in the world so im not sure i would need a bp, maybe some day when i get old you know, hope you find a proper cp
  4. Best PvP Class

    ofc he's wrong, im the top necro will fck everyone like always
  5. UNTAGE maybe!!!!

  6. TheOtherSide

    Im wondering where have you been last season? wind of wars fucked up after a few days, untage owned for like 2 weeks until we jointed pretorians and then the server died Untage v Pretorians 2 sides only the previous season was full of shit, hopefully this one will be better.
  7. Best PvP Class

    you can take any class no worries mate, i will own the server like always.