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  1. Cardinal LF Clan, CP

    That's how it always works not only in games but everywhere
  2. Cardinal LF Clan, CP

    Notice me senpai. up?
  3. Hussar / Heavy Cavalry

    Sent a message as well, check your inbox when you 're able to.
  4. Unknown Clan

    Hello, saw the comment saying that you do not recruit any more solo members but I thought to throw this here since I don't have any friends. If there is any spot I 'm interested to join Clan/CP my main class is Cardinal played it since C3, can play any time zone, can use Discord, TS3 etc. Contact me via pm here or discord - Reeve#9855, have fun.
  5. Hello, like the title says I 'm looking for a Clan or CP or both (International english speaking). Like seriously, please, I need some vict.. friends to heal. #ForeverAlone Q_Q Timezone: Doesn't really matter I have mastered Time, I can play anytime. A nerd's life for me boi. Experience: Cardinal main since C3 in Einhasad's special forces then went rogue and mastered ULTRA INSTINCT in C4. I can use Discord, TS3 etc except letter carrier pigeons, I don't like pigeons they creepy. Send me a message/pm here, thanks. Happy fapings friends. Wut?