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  1. You will find the answer in last week of the server, ofc from players that farmed the bosses all server's life.
  2. Ok, i understand now. The shift+click isn't very accurate. Quantity is for sure x1 for items/enchants. You will get 2 or more only if the chance multiplied by spoil chance is higher then 100%.
  3. He can't fix something that wasn't made by him. They are using some L2Java files that have a strange RNG. That random isn't working per 1 skill used, or 1 mob spoiled like it should do. No, it is a random per X amount of seconds. You can test it at skills landing chance, drop chance, spoil chance, craft chance, enchant etc. If you will find what files they are using and take a look in there, you see that there is a random time for applying the rates. Example: You. When you got that those EAA, for sure you didn't got them in a distributed manner of 100 monsters. The spoil of those 5 EAA was in a specific time and after that time went out, you didn't got anything. So, you can get 1 EAA per mob, 5 monsters one after other and suddenly you will get nothing for 95 monsters. As I said, the random isn't applying for each monster, it applies in a specific time. This window of time can be found in those java files.
  4. The balance exist on official platform. This server use Java platform where: Defence, CC, Resist aren't working properly. After reemoving these, best class will be: the most farmed player or classes that are specialized on high burst dmg. In Java platform, Lineage isn't a game of CC anymore. It is a game of maximized DMG to kill other's cardinal or over-dmg the cardinals heal. After removing all fun from L2, you will get some classes to play with in L2j: PK, HK, DN, Archers, Mages. That's why most of clans are looking for "front lane" members like: GK, PK, HK, DN.