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  1. hey there.. my name is Dimitris im from Greece 27 years old with at least 15 years experience on this game.. 
    Me and my friend same age and same experience also looking for a hardcore clan to play at.
    both playing support classes as mains. cardi and domi preferable. hitted you at discord also. pls let me know if need us

    1. czteropack


      which serwer take to play new serwer ???? l2 europe asia or usa ????

  2. Hey bro u can send me more inf for the clan, i have a cp 9/9 and search good side for mass pvp

    1. Balem


      Wanna add me on discord or skype for better communication?

    2. Balem




      Find me on either. We can discuss further there.


  3. Heroes shall rise again

    Here's something to listen to while farming or w/e you're doing if you're into that kind of music. I hope you will enjoy. Visit: https://www.youtube.com/c/balem for more themed music playlists. Thank you. Balem
  4. Unknown Clan

    Recruitment update: 1. We do not recruit any more solo players. 2. We do not recruit any more smaller packs than 6/9. For any interested 6/9 pack the minimum requirement is to already have BOTH cardinals and at least either the BD or the SWS. 3. You can use this thread to find a slot in any incomplete CP of Unknown Clan. Invested CP leaders check the thread frequently so it shouldn't be hard. 4. To clarify, our main communication is Ts3 and yes it is required of all FULL participation in our server (at least during clan activities). For any further info feel free to contact me via the options provided in original post or you can find my contact info on my "about" profile here on forum. Thank you. Enjoy your game Balem
  5. Unknown Clan

    add me on discord
  6. Skilled Glad lf cp for live!

    Legionary ma boy. Welcome to Dragon
  7. Unknown Clan

    Unknown X2 CP LF CARDI (GR)
  8. Lets make another thread and throw some ideas that could help improve our gameplay experience.
  9. Unknown Clan Recruiting: CPs - 7/9 - 9/9 Smaller Packs - 4/9 minimum (at least one of 4 MUST be Cardinal) Solo Classes - Cardinal, Dominator, Doomcryer, Judicator, Bladedancer, Swordsinger - [BD/SWS can be accepted as active sub classes] Requirements: Ts3 / Discord user English speaker Online on DAILY prime time activities 19:00 - 23:00 GMT +3 (EEST) More Info: Unknown Clan (formerly known as Elders) is an international clan that enjoys the game at its core. We rejoined H5 mid rate projects after many years. Our group is dedicated to the project from the very first till last days of the server with no intention of leaving it sooner regardless of what might occur. For more information add me on: skype live:papapomog (Balem X2®) Discord: Balem#8667 or simply message me on forum (discord, skype are preferred for better communication although we check forum daily) Good luck to everyone and have fun. BALEM.