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  1. Erzo PVP siege (adventurer)

    u are good
  2. SoE Giran

    don't use the scroll duh
  3. mage..sph or necro to lvl up fast and for farm too
  4. Help guide

    rage?:D idk what u mean im just telling u to help 100%
  5. Help guide

    good boy kotak tell him about bot and scripts too
  6. u can click anywhere and get target or move mby u miss smthg idk
  7. Why there isn't cp/mp/hp shirts on the fa shop???
  8. nick

    <<<Dienutza ty
  9. thx to whoever asshole stole my nickname enjoy the server idiot!!!
  10. pk is big crap on these servers rly mby gm thinks of boost them a bit for a fun game????ty
  11. problem

    used to work but they changed it last server