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  1. So, here it's useless the warlord, because if you think I'm going to stun anyone in sieges or masspvp when the person has +30 to resist shock, and i tested without him, and my skills that have 4 seconds of cd each, have a 10 % to enter or less and shock blast 0% who is the main skill, you're killing that class, but it's fine, thanks.
  2. I think Dreadnought Chance of stun is very slow, i test this class and: Shock Stomp enter 1/6-1/8 Thunder stomp 1/13-1/20 Shock Blast so low because i used it 37 times and nothing. 0% chance? And still used and nothing. All skills +30 or +15 in chance and the gear was tested vs an archer vorpal without resist shock +30 and vorpal jewel. I think u should test this more, thank you.