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  1. u must put secondary password..if u dont do that u cant move
  2. bugged char! help

    make another char on same acc and .cfg and make repair on your main
  3. dude no one pay 90 euro for all skills+30..so dont worry and be happy =)
  4. 1. shit 2. big shit 3. + 4. shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit 5. + 6. its dont be on start server dude..but what a noob pay too much euro for make skillz+30?
  5. maybe its mean on monday baium on tuesday anty wednesday valakas etc..but maybe no =)
  6. on this forum u have reward for Fb event 50festival 15gcm and 2 BEWS...but on post on FB u have reward only 30fes. 10gcm and 1BEWS..so what is right reward? forum or FB post?
  7. Trojan in system patch

    dont care about this guy on another topic many ppl write about his scams..so who care we dont need kids on server
  8. y ,plz add normal time for DM..only lasts servers i be in DM time in work...so hard to farm festival..only nolifers farm it