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  1. Depends what you're interested in. For early game trickster should wipe out every mage, as you have soul barier, and prahnah, combined with high DMG from skills, that don't depend on your weapon. But for longer play I would choose gladi, tyrant, DB or titan if you know what you're doing. Top clans usually have archer CPs with 3x trick + MS. Other archers are used rarely, front lines with 3x gladi 1x SK, mage PT with SpS and Sorc only, and cancel/debuff PT with only HK or OL. These CPs usually play with 2x BP, SwS, BD and OL(archers sometimes use WC). When it comes to olympiad it's balance is a crap, as geodata doesn't work properly which usually is about having a lot of speed to catch runners, or to run yourself for 5 minutes to win on DMG.
  2. Drop chances at this server were always a joke. Just look at stones drop chance at DV, stakato nest and few other locations. Whenever I checked drop chances from official to this server stones drop rates were around 5x lower than they should be. GMs decreased it, so that people would donate attribute. You can test it yourself.