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    Unknown Clan Recruiting: CPs - 7/9 - 9/9 Smaller Packs - 4/9 minimum (at least one of 4 MUST be Cardinal) Solo Classes - Cardinal, Dominator, Doomcryer, Judicator, Bladedancer, Swordsinger - [BD/SWS can be accepted as active sub classes] Requirements: Ts3 / Discord user English speaker Online on DAILY prime time activities 19:00 - 23:00 GMT +3 (EEST) More Info: Unknown Clan (formerly known as Elders) is an international clan that enjoys the game at its core. We rejoined H5 mid rate projects after many years. Our group is dedicated to the project from the very first till last days of the server with no intention of leaving it sooner regardless of what might occur. For more information add me on: skype live:papapomog (Balem X2®) Discord: Balem#8667 or simply message me on forum (discord, skype are preferred for better communication although we check forum daily) Good luck to everyone and have fun. BALEM.
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    again u malaka, didnt had enough in beyond?
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    I see all the dream team getting together. Bugeris and Djotef good to see you guys ! I need Bishop to front pt.
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    We are a international clan, so speaking English is a most. We use Discord, and all is obligated to join there on clan activities. We looking for CP´s and in some cases classes to fill already made CP´s. At this moment we only invite supports as solo players. If any questions feel free to contact me. See you all in game
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    melee cp lf active dd and bd pm me here or in game EyeWitness/iMago/Babatsa21. Best regards
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    dayum, i'm kinda shocked as your english grammar is on fire, where are you from? i wish i was gay, would love to suck you off. Just kidding, i am gay. Okay, lets get to the point... Well i am #1 necro in the world so im not sure i would need a bp, maybe some day when i get old you know, hope you find a proper cp
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    Soulhound Olympiad Movie. Server - L2Lionna.com. Video created just for fun and memory. Simple videomaking. Made with Sony Vegas Pro 13. Hope ya enjoy. Soundtracks - in the end of the movie. Like, subscribe. Will play on this server. Need CP. Pm me in game - Super1or/Superior
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    If anyone is interested to know who we are you can just go to my youtube channel and watch my videos that i made during our journey in the past servers.!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_5mFMFGi3nmdF9SZE_EWew Best regards
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    Hello community of l2dragon Our clan start's on this server. Recruit const parties 6/9-9/9 archer/mage only with BD/SWS/DA (another consts not allowed in our clan) Clan will be participate in all Server events like Epic/Sieges/TW and etc. More info you can find here : vk.com/id70249194 or Skype : tucik777 Good luck to another clans and have fun. Some videos of our clan
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    Hello, saw the comment saying that you do not recruit any more solo members but I thought to throw this here since I don't have any friends. If there is any spot I 'm interested to join Clan/CP my main class is Cardinal played it since C3, can play any time zone, can use Discord, TS3 etc. Contact me via pm here or discord - Reeve#9855, have fun.
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    Looking for good cp on dragon Good gladi cp Pm me for infos about my gameplay etc..
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    Hey bro u can send me more inf for the clan, i have a cp 9/9 and search good side for mass pvp
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    it is tedious and useless to discuss with you because you think you are right every time. If you were right, half of the group would not have left. I have nothing else to say because you have an obvious problem admitting anything ever.
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    Acualy i did deal with that, BUT in diff of most ppl i prefer to take that in PMs insted of make a storm
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    God sake man... Instead of crying here about injustice in games just break a chains and keep going If you are dancer I have a job for you ?
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    First of all I do not belong to any clan. As a leader you did not say anything. No one who read the message said anything ... Because you have a tendency to misinterpret and confuse things I do not care about his point ... Just when a group has some rules would be valid for everyone .. If this message it was addressed to one of your favorite members you would have been kick him..So I do not judge from 1 person but from the behavior of the leader and his followers.
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    Идет донабор в паки. За инфой вк или скайп
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    Idk if im suppose to cry or laugh here. As all of u, is still in the same clan, just not mine Nr 1, how to blame a whole clan for what 1 person says. Nr 2, the one said it left and went to the same clan as the ones defending u here now did. So somewhere along the line u prolly should get some facts before u start this
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    what a nice clan
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    серв умирает фана нет, в связи с этим в поисках нового проекта
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    Набор пачек в клан 6/9 - 9/9 через 2 бардов и ДА . Данные для связи выше
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    lf cp 20:00-01:00 gmt+2, archer/mage setups only, pm in forum
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    Nisroc, aren't u joining Revo again?
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    Legionary ma boy. Welcome to Dragon
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    Chivas if i will have time to play normally i will make mage cp
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    Balem knows me Im BP/OL on main...
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    Soultaker LF CP IGN -> Chivas
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    I am in ! Please if any Berserker or Paladin looking for a clan /CP let me know.
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    Looking for: Berserker Titans Paladins Judis/slh Bards Ol Bishop Sws Bd. If you are interested in CP focused on mass PvP. You are able to play alone and as a team please write here in the topic class + average amount of hours per week + donation yes/no. We have already 7 players and I am looking forward to find driver s+ main players. More information in the closest 2 weeks don't expect all answers to your questions straight away. No time wasters no bullshit I have place and role for everyone. FORGE TO THE BATTLE !
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    ⭐Like + share + comment with ur char name and win 30 festival adena + 10 gcm + 1 bews on the grand opening!⭐ 300euro Win prize will be splited to 10 players means 30 euro each all u have to do is share+like+comment but TAG also & invite friends too server.
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